Caffeine in Bloo

Caffeine in Bloo

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is more than just that molecule that you get from coffee and keeps you awake. Recent studies show caffeine’s potential as a hair loss treatment and as a promising therapeutic effects on several skin conditions.


Caffeine for Psoriasis Relief

Psoriasis is a skin condition known for causing itchy and scaly patches. In a study, people with psoriasis used a cream with 10% caffeine. The results were promising, as this group saw more improvement than those who used a cream without caffeine. The caffeine users also reported mild itching as a side effect, but that's a small price to pay if you're getting relief from psoriasis symptoms.

Caffeine as a Hair Growth Stimulant

For men worried about losing their hair, caffeine might be a beacon of hope. Hair from men with androgenetic alopecia, commonly called male pattern baldness, was treated with caffeine in a lab setting. The results showed that caffeine could actually encourage hair growth. This is big news for hair loss treatments, making caffeine a potential hero for those struggling with thinning hair.

Caffeine to Calm Skin

People with lichen simplex chronicus, a condition that makes you itch like crazy, might find relief with caffeine, too. In a study, a solution with aspirin and caffeine helped reduce itching significantly better than a placebo solution.


Caffeine in Bloo


Caffeine's not just for waking up anymore. If you're struggling with itchy skin conditions or hair loss, pairing caffeine together with all the other protective and pro metabolic ingredients in Bloo can be the solution.


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