Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue: What Gives Bloo Blue

Methylene blue is a versatile medicine with a long history of use, traditionally employed to treat a variety of ailments with complicated names like methemoglobinemia—a condition where the blood can't carry oxygen properly.

It's a chemical compound that stands out due to its deep blue color and has been used in biology and medicine for over a century. Not only is it used to dye certain parts of cells and tissues to help scientists see them under a microscope, but it also has therapeutic properties.

Its ability to donate and accept electrons means it can interact with various bodily processes, which is particularly useful in medical treatments.

Using Methylene Blue for Burns

Scientists did tests on rats to see if methylene blue can help with burns. They burned the rats' skin and then treated some with methylene blue. The rats that got methylene blue got better faster; they had less dead skin and more healthy skin than the rats that didn't get treated. This means methylene blue could be really useful right after someone gets burned to help their skin heal. It also means it's probably a great way to help against skin irritation.

Methylene Blue and Light Therapy

In clinics, doctors tried using methylene blue in a light therapy for people with bad skin wounds like diabetic foot sores or leg ulcers. They put methylene blue on the wound and then shone a special light on it. This treatment helped a lot. The wounds got smaller, less infected, and the patients didn't have any bad reactions, like pain or itching.

This kind of treatment could be a big deal for people who have a hard time healing from wounds. It's easy to do and it seems to work really well.

Methylene Blue in Bloo

Methylene blue can do a lot of good for healing burns and skin wounds. It's a power antioxidant and the fact that it accelerates skin and wound healing makes it a perfect pairing together with all the other protective and pro metabolic ingredients in Bloo.


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