Baking Soda in Bloo

Baking Soda in Bloo

What is Baking Soda?

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a common item in most households. Beyond its usual use in baking, it has a range of benefits that are being rediscovered in modern times. One of the remarkable uses of baking soda is in treating skin conditions like warts and psoriasis.

A Treatment to Skin Conditions

Recent studies have shown that baking soda has anti-wart properties. In a simple procedure, mixing baking soda with castor oil and applying it to warts has led to impressive results.

The mixture appears to create an unfavorable environment for the viruses that cause warts, potentially due to the alkalizing effect of baking soda which hinders the growth and division of the viral cells.

It's thought that baking soda may release carbon dioxide, starving the wart cells of oxygen and leading to their destruction. Within a week, individuals observed clear skin, free of warts, with minimal scarring, and no recurrence for at least three months.

Additionally, baking soda has been used with great success in psoriasis treatment. Traditionally, psoriasis patients have found relief in medicated baths, including those with Dead Sea salts. Baking soda baths have been statistically shown to improve the symptoms of mild to moderate psoriasis. Patients who soaked in baths with baking soda reported less itchiness and irritation, and most importantly, they noticed an improvement in their condition.

The simplicity and effectiveness of baking soda were so appreciated that many chose to continue using these baths even after the study concluded.

For your Hair

The beauty of baking soda lies in its accessibility, affordability, and ease of use. These studies suggest that sometimes, the simplest remedies may be the most effective. 

Together with all the other protective and pro metabolic ingredients in Bloo, taurine can help better protect your scalp against the symptoms of chronic irritation such as itchiness, hair shedding and dandruff. It works very well with salicylic acid and improves its absorbtion. It also saponifies with sebum to produce a ‘soap’, clears pores and delivers CO2 to skin.


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