Salicylic Acid in Bloo

Salicylic Acid in Bloo

What is Salicylic Acid?

Salicylic acid is a substance called beta hydroxy acid. It is primarily recognized for its use in acne treatment due to its ability to exfoliate the skin and combat inflammation. However, its anti-inflammatory properties have garnered interest in a new realm: aspirin formulations applied directly to the skin.

Recent scientific studies have ventured into evaluating the effectiveness of topically applied aspirin—a derivative of salicylic acid—in managing conditions beyond common acne.

Understanding the Anti-inflammatory Effects

A study involving non-atopic volunteers explored how aspirin could mitigate histamine-induced itch. Inflammation was artificially induced in participants' skin, and various concentrations of aspirin were applied. The findings were intriguing; despite aspirin's recognized anti-inflammatory properties, the topical application did not significantly alleviate the itch caused by histamine in the inflamed skin. This was in contrast to the reduction in wheal and flare responses, which are common signs of skin reactions.

Exploring Aspirin as a Novel Administration Route

In a separate investigation, the focus shifted to the systemic effects of aspirin when applied dermally. Low doses of oral aspirin are known to inhibit an important agent called prostacyclin, which can lead to gastrointestinal issues when suppressed.

The study tested whether skin could serve as a medium to deliver aspirin in a way that selectively inhibits platelet cyclooxygenase, responsible for thromboxane production involved in clot formation, while preserving prostacyclin.

The results were promising. Applying aspirin to the skin did yield a significant decrease in thromboxane levels without affecting prostacyclin, suggesting a potential new route for patients requiring aspirin for its anticoagulant properties, but who are at risk for gastrointestinal complications.

Salicylic Acid in Bloo

These findings open the door to potentially new applications for salicylic acid and its derivatives. The impact on systemic inflammatory markers, paired with the other pro metabolic ingredients in Bloo can help you alleviate symptoms such as itchiness, dandruff and skin irritation.

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